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Flood in Surat 2013: The diamond city woke up in panic on Monday morning as the citizens were unaware about the flood like situation in the city. Citizen in low lying areas were found making frantic calls and messages of flood through SMS-Whatsapp kept on circulating since 4 am in morning. A large number of residents came out on road since early morning and first of all started searching for safe location for their vehicles. A large number of vehicles were parked on flyovers to save them from getting submerge in flood waters. Almost all the multilevel parking lots in the city were full since 5 am in morning as residents parked their vehicles in the high-rise parking lot.  Low lying areas of Surat city were flooded with one feet water following continuous heavy discharge of water from Ukai dam since 1.00AM on Monday. The discharge of water from reservoir was recorded at 4, 39,276 Cusecs of water at 12.00noon. The areas like Swaminarayan Temple in Adajan, RTO office at Pal, Kadarshah Ni Nal, Kailashnagar, Ved Road, Bharimata, Hodi Bungalow, and Ring Road etc are worst affected ones. 250 people living in some low lying areas were shifted and district administration ordered a day’s holiday in all the educational institutions of the city.


A fire and a flood in 1837 destroyed many of the buildings of Surat. Among the interesting monuments that survived that destruction are the tombs of English and Dutch merchants and their families, dating to the 17th century, including those of the Oxenden brothers.

In 1992, violent riots took place between Hindus and Muslims, the first and the worst of their kind in the modern history of Surat.

In 1994, a combination of heavy rains and blocked drains led to flooding in the city. A number of dead street animals and public waste were not removed in time and a plague epidemic spread through the city, which caused a number of countries to impose travel and trade sanctions.

Very often heavy monsoon rain brings floods in the Tapi basin area. In last two decades, the city has witnessed major floods every four years, the worst being the flood of August 2006, perhaps the costliest in the city’s history. In the second week of August 2006, a massive flood caused severe damage to the city of Surat. According to a report released by Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A), massive flood after release of water from Ukai Dam had caused major human tragedy and property damage estimated at Rs 220 billion on that day. In less than three days, at least 150 people died directly due to flood and many others due to water-borne diseases that followed. More than 1500 animal carcasses were later hauled out of the mud.

Bhruch may also suffer from the same condition.

Special helpline number +[163940663803317:0]

Local helpline number cal:l 100 or 108

Surat Flood Video near SVNIT, Surat

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